Sky HD and Sky+ boxes in the same room remote issues



I checked with sky if it was OK to have both boxes in the same room and they said yes! But there is an issue!!!

That is the the Sky+ box remote control, controls both Sky+ and SkyHD at the same time! However the SkyHD controller ONLY controls SkyHD so in my situation with both boxes in the same room it is a real pain; they must both remain in the same room for the distribution and control of Sky etc around my house. I was told by sky's Second line support to cover the remote receiver on the HD box and to physically uncover it when I want to use it!!! how **** is that?


The sky+ box is a Pace and the remote is version 6, the HD box is a Thompson box with remote control version 8.

They can't use the same codes else the HD controller would control the Sky+ box?

Any comments suggestions a way to fix it!



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Simple answer is no, that is how it is.

The more complicated answer is yes, Global are about to launch or have launched a system that, using the sky eyes will allow you uses a specific remote to target a specific box.

I have a meeting with them in the next week so I will post when I have more details.


Thanks Vex, I look forward to your next post! and sending the invoice on to Sky :)


The product you need to do this is already available

You need to get one of these and connect it to one of your boxes, and blank off the remote receiver on that box. Once you have done that you can program your one of your remotes (if it is the latest revision) to work in a different mode which only the remote eye will detect.


thanks, this good to see, i will see how much the vex ones are and then make the choice!
its a shame the sky box can not be switched in-line with the remote!

thank you both for your help


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Hi I_need_help

I have both boxes one above the other.
You will need this device:

1.It Plugs into RF2 on my SKY+ box.
2. Using the supplied instructions, covert your existing SKY+ remote to use the codes of a standard SKY box remote.
(Instructions are on the skyeye site but are included with the product)
3. Once the remote is paired with the skyeye it will controll the SKY+ box without touching the HD box.

I use a Harmony 885 remote but I have managed to duplicate this on a One for ALL 6 remote.

Using the instructions provided I am able to control both boxes without affecting the other.

I hope this helps a bit



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Right, the Global rep was in yesterday and thier solution is the SPC4.

Similar to the other solution being offered, the SPC4 allows you to set up you individual remote controls so that they effectively have an output ID assigned to them.

This way the SPC4 knows that that specific remote signal should be routed out of a specific port on the SPC4 (4 outputs). These are then connected to the RF2 of each of your sky boxes.

The SPC4 also acts as a combiner of the 4 RF2 outputs to be able to feed them directly into a IR compatible distribution amp and they work with the standard SkyEyes.

You can buy it here for the moment, but I should have them in stock in a couple of weeks.


Thanks, I have gone for the last of the other option Sky+ and 1 Sky HD as it was 10.00 GBP less!

But thank you for your help.


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I have a tvlink 8 Way Loftbox connected to a standard Sky box & Sky HD box.

I use a Skyplus Combiner to distribute signals from both boxes around the house via the loftbox.

I want to replace the standard sky box with a Sky+ box, will any of the above work for me or am I buggered?

I have a skyeye in each location, will I need to replace all of these?




£30 from Sky!

well after much time on the phone to Sky complaining about the Design error, and being told by their "second level support" that I should place some tape over the IR receiver on the HD box and remove it when needed to use HD!!!

I decided to phone Sky and ask them to pay for a multiEye as it is there fault! The first person told me to write in, I said I have via email a week ago!

I found out that if you call Sky's head office on 020 7705 3000 and ask for "customer relations" you get to speak to someone else! they wanted me to move the Sky+ and HD boxes apart as it could be due to overheating (crap) I explained how IR works and that it was not an issue and that sky knew of the issue and fail to tell me when I placed the order or at the time of installation! anyway they gave me £30 pound towards the Multieye, saying that I was the ONLY one to report this to them!!!

So call in and get your £30 and they may even fix it if we all call in re it!

Post back hear if you do!


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Any further updates....

I have sky HD & sky+ (used as multiroom) both inside a cabinet in the lounge...

Both boxes have to be here as this is where all our cables come in & are then re-routed to a central amp & distribution system that is installed in the airing cupboard upstairs.

Untill sky hd was installed everything worked fine... sky+ downstairs & sky in every other room we wanted, as well as being in the lounge also (just in case we wanted to record 2 programs at the same time and watch something else.

both hd & + units use a magic eye as the sensor on each box is hidden inside the cabinet... now evertything is fine all around the house... sky+ upstairs as multiroom & hd downstairs..but like others when using the sky+ remote to record programs downstairs we get sky hd trying to do the same... would I just need one new magic eye (currently using rectangular tv-link type) to combat the sky+ interfering with the hd box?


If they are only controlled from the one room as with my setup then you would only need to change the Sky+ eye for a it is all working fine for me now I have this on my Sky+ box!

Don't forget to give sky a kicking over it and they should give £30 towards the cost as they did with me:)

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