SKY HD and my PWD8


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Hi just phoned to get Sky HD installed on my PWD8 was told it would be compatible??

Just wanted to know whether the component output from the SkyHD box will do?

I have the Component input board but not the HDMI input board and not sure if I need to buy the input board too.

Will there be a big diff in PQ in doing so and do I need anything else to make sure it is all compatible. ?

Many thanks


it will be fine with hd it will just scale it down to the resolution of the tv hornydragon is the man to ask


My PW6 accepts 720p and 1080i into RCA component board from Sky HD component outputs with no problems and picture is fantatstic. I believe it can also take the signal in via VGA input but haven't tried that myself.


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Yes, PW6 and PW8 can accept component via the vga connector (or via a vga board) with the appropriate cable (normally a 15 pin D-Sub to 3 x phono)

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