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Hi everyone, first post so be gentle :)

I have what I hope will be an easy question for someone. I have attached an image so this will hopefully make sense.
I want to be able to send my Sky+HD signal to my bedroom and use a magic eye from there. The red lines on the diagram represent what current cabling I have in place and the yellow is a new run that I plan to put in. I want both the new and existing socket in bedroom 1 to receive sky and freeview with the ability to use a magic eye if I wanted.
I also want the lounge TV to get a freeview signal which it currently does not.
I have only just installed the aerial so there is nothing sending its signal to either bedroom or lounge at the moment, hence why I have left the cables 'unjoined' in the loft.

I don't know what I need now to complete the setup. Your advice would be very appreciated!

Sorry for waffling on, I hope that makes sense.

p.s. forgot to mention that the sky cable goes direct into the back of the sky box from an outside wall; the lounge tv is connected direct to the sky box.



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You need aerial -> lounge -> sky box TV RF in

Sky box RF1 out -> lounge TV aerial input
Sky box RF2 out -> loft -> bedroom TV point.

Enable RF2 power for magic eye and choose suitable RF channel for modulator to get Sky picture (default 68 will be clear in most UK places at present).

Tune TVs analogue tuners to get Sky pics.

This is all readily available via a google search and on the Sky sub-forums above if you'd looked.



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