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Hi there,

Is anyone having problems on Sky+HD's BBC iplayer with the programs being uploaded to it?

I wouldn't usually worry about it but I watch Eastenders and on thursday night i could not watch it as was busy with something else but when I came to watch it about 930pm it was not on there. I also noticed there were only 4 programs for the whole of the day on there but not the most popular i e eastenders. I waited and waited but by 330pm the next day I gave in and watched on my iPhone which i don't really like to do as I pay a lot for my sky package, but i had to watch as the next episode was on that night! 2 days later (saturday morning) I have noticed Thurday's eastenders is on there now but there is no friday episode!! Why are there uploads so mixed up and wrong? It has happened a new times now and has become un-reliable for Eastenders as you need to watch to stay up to date for the episodes.

There were no problems on iPhone's version or the version on the internet, just sky's. Is it sky's fault or the BBC's?


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i don't think so, that seams to be iOS and also NOW TV. unless they all work together with each other, so if one goes down the whole lot goes. I have the normal catch up TV on sky+HD box.


in my experience, sometimes in can take a few days for stuff to become available through iPlayer on SkyHD. its a PITA , but it wasn't that long ago we were screwing up setting a vcr ;)


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Sky's ondemand/catchup tv service is still a relatively manual process so items can take a while to be added.


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Unlike the other catch-up services the content on Sky's service needs recoding to Sky's "progressive download" system which usually avoids all the buffering problems that the others suffer from on the less fast broadband connections. Unfortunately this takes time and backlogs do occur.

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