Sky+HD Amstrad 1Tb recordings problems


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I have recently noticed that my recordings are pixelated/and or experiencing sound drop outs every 40 seconds or so.

This has only recently started to happen and is incredibly annoying.

I thought it may be a signal issue, but there is no problem when watching live tv and I tested live feed vs recorded by:

1. recording 2 programmes at once
2. watching part of one of the recording programmes live
3. watching the recorded part of the same programme

Live no problems, no pixelation or sound drops, recorded both happened.

This doesn't appear to be channel specific, so far I have seen it on Ch4HD, watch and BBC1HD.

I have done a system rebuild with no impact.

Any other ideas gratefully received. :lease:


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Try a software upgrade - the latest software is reported to solve these glitches.
Switch to "deep sleep mode" by holding standby button until led on front changes from orange to red.
Press and hold "back up" button on box top and press power button until led changes to orange. Continue holding "back up" button until 4 leds light up on box front or you see onscreen message ref software download.
Go and make a cuppa this can take 5 to 10 minutes.
Box will reboot and go to standby when download is complete.


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I have tried this the evening you suggested and although I got the Sky+HD please wait.... screen I wasn't convinced that I had done it.

I tried again yesterday and managed to get to the download screen. Prior to this I checked the software version and it appeared to be the latest one, so maybe it had become corrupted?

Anyway - thanks again, hopefully it will be ok now.
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