Sky HD 1tb sound output


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Having a few problems trying to get my old 1TB box to output sound in 5.1.DD. It’s connected to a Pioneer Atmos receiver via HDMI then to an LG B8 via HDMI ARC.
When watching football,movies etc I just get PCM. Go to the sound output options on the sky box and it’s lets me switch to DD 5.1 to which the receiver switches to and outputs but as soon as I leave the options page on the sky box it automatically switches back to to stereo. Anyone got any ideas?

tom 2000

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I’m very rusty on audio. Surely PCM could be anything from mono to 5.1 and beyond? It’s purely a digital annotation.


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Yep, it's very deceptive that - same applies to setting audio delays etc. Basically any setting you change on that page is lost if you don't hit green before exiting.


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Thanks for the help. Knew it would be something simple that I’d missed.

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