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sky hd £149 - £60 install?!?!


Active Member
went to currys today and they have an offer -

buy anything and get sky HD box for £149

but apparently it costs £30 for new customers for fitting and £60 for existing customers?!!

i argued it but they weren't for budging - phoned sky - complained - they just said tough luck

my question is....

i have sky plus right now

is it a simple case of plugging the new sky hd box into the existing cables or is there rewiring needed?
if its a straight swap i will just buy the box without fitting and just do it myself rather than pay £60!
anyone know if this is ok


Well-known Member
Direct box swap, HD box in place of Sky+ box and then pair the card with the HD box which is just a phone call to Sky. If Currys will sell you the box direct without installation please let the forum know.


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Comet are doing the same offer in Jan but i was told it is £60 install and that is Skys standard install charge


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Its sky being awkward, abosolutly no point arguing with the staff in Currys/Comet as they cant change the price sky charge. It goes through a seperate system, not Currys/Comet own.

And Currys/Comet do not stock the boxes, they pass the order to Sky who then install themselves.


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ok thanks for the replies

i guess you're right.....its sky being silly

so the cheapest way is £210 via comet........the install charge is not optional.


Distinguished Member
I read on digitalspy that sky have increased the cost of installation at the same time they reduced the HD box to £149 though Agents. I think it is a way to recoup money from decreasing the cost of the box.

If you have multi-room installation is free, so it maybe worth doing that.

Currys and Comet don't stock the boxes, so you can't get one in store, and therefore have to pay installation.


Standard Member

Also look at upgrading to Sky HD and the deal in Curry's for £149 was for new customers only.

Phoned Sky and they said £219 + £30 installation if I took the Sky talk which is free for the basic package.



Active Member
the deal was not just for new customers in currys......hence the £60 install fee for existing customers.......i called sky also and they have deals which are all more expensive than the total £210 existing customers would pay at comet and currys and all include talk/surf/multiroom etc...


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Went into Curry's today and offer only says £149 for Sky HD if you purchase and HD television.

Someone else mentioned it was if you buy anything?

Also - for those who have been into Comet - was their offer linked to you purchasing anything else?




Standard Member
I've just been into a local independent (FWIW Drivetime / Shop at Sony in Bournemouth) and they have a £149 offer when you buy a HDTV. Maybe this has superceded Currys' offer so they also want you to buy a TV???

They said it only came out today, with loads of Sky posters, etc. I phoned back to ask about installation and they reckon £30 "set-up fee" for existing customers.:smashin:


Standard Member
i am in the same boat. i have sky plus coming to be installed tomorrow. i got the £29 box and £30 installation deal from currys. would like to upgrade to sky hd but the £60 installation is a but steep. does anyone know if you are an exisitng sky customer and upgrade to HD to they let you keep your orginal box?

Dick Sternum

Active Member
Spoke to an ASA in town today and was quoted £230 installed as the price they had been given by Sky. So that makes it £80 install charge (I suspect they are taking Sky's £60 and adding another £20).

They tried to justify by saying that includes the phone socket and changes to the dish etc etc. They then had to agree that it was steep after I explained that I didn't need any of this being as I have Sky+ already. Think I'll be looking elsewhere for the box.

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