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Jan 25, 2004
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I have just got an new hard drive for my sky+ but have a question before I change.

Can I put the previous drive back in once I format the new one from the sky menu ? Or is it a case of the information is gone as soon as you remove the drive from the machine.

Just need to know as my original drive is full of stuff I have not seen yet.

Thanks in advance.

Haven't done it myself (the Sky drive went to upgrade a computer), but yes you can. If you leave the lid off your box, you can juggle drives so as to have even more space for recordings. If it's a new 120G drive, read the 17min thread on Digital Spy so you know what you may be in for!
You should be able to swap them back & forward if you like. I've retained my old drive in case of warranty issues! but can't be bothered to swap back for any residue, as the increased capacity means I'm always playing catch-up. Besides I've junked the VCR so I don't need tapes kicking about, it defeats it again if instead I've got a selection of hard drives
Cheers for the info guys,

I will read up on that 17min prob as it is 120g, how did you know?

Also I like the idea of having a hard drive library, keep all the kids stuff on theirs and mine will be safe. I must look into an external caddy for the drives.

I will let you know how it goes.


anyone put 2 drives in with a different ribbon cable?

dont think ive ever seen it mentioned?

BIOS's usually have a size limit per drive, not drives combined
Ive not heard of anyone, but knowledgable 'talk' says that the box won't recognise drives bigger than120gig anyway. Unless youve some 'free' hard drives & are happy to have one balencing on the digibox (doubt 2 will fit inside) I don't see a point in trying.
older BIOS's in PC terms dont recognise drives over certain sizes (say 120gb) but will recognise multiple drives of 120gb, thats why i ask
I realise about Pcs, but don't know & haven't heard any thing similar about +. Most people seem happy with 120 gig hard drives (about 60 hrs) as an upgrade. I like the idea of swapping drives if they were 'slot in' in a caddy, but without major surgery, it aint happening. I'm also aware that Sky seems to be rather sensetive, & it's not unheard of to have to have warranty claims. I wouldn't want to do irreversable mods, - in case.

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