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Oct 10, 2003
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Hello Troops, is there a case for increased HD capacity now that you can dual record and what would that be, or do some people do it themselves ?
Most do it themselves, exchanging the std 40GB for a 120GB drive. It's a 10 minute job, very easy and well worth doing :)
I booked my installation earlier and it gives me 6 weeks to find a good HDD (if i need one)

what is the cheapest and best hard drive to use?

40hours/80 gig hdd would do me fine but i want the best and cheapest option :)

Also does a 80gig hardrive have the same problems as a 120 gig one?

I havnt a clue what to get you see so i am relying on u lot for help ;)
MrCoopz, I'd not just get the cheaped, my Samsung's great. I think many of the bargain 120 gig drives are Maxtor & yhere have veen ptoblems posted about these. I chose Samsung as there seemed to be less problems reported. Mine cost £80, not £85 I originaly thought! Dear, compared with circa £65 for a Maxtor, but £15 is little more when its worked perfect, - not so some of the other Maxtor upgrades.

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