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Jan 19, 2003
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East London
I've had Sky trying to sell me an extended guarantee and telling me that if my equipment has a problem within the first year, ie while still under manufacturers guarentee, they will charge £60 call out to fix it.

This sounds just plain wrong to me, does anyone know if this is the truth or if it's an over zealous salesman?

My plan was to have the regular box for the year and then get Sky+, that way I thought I would get 2 years worth of warranty
Sky will carry out repairs foc whilst under 1st year warranty after that they charge £60.00 but some times they drop it to say £30.00 if youve been a long time subscriber:D
Thanks Morphy, exactly what I thought, the pain is my wife took the call and said yes, so now I've got to bugger about writing to Sky and the bank to cancell it.

sales people are a nightmare i have gone to customers houses and asked where would you like the dish and the customers been told by the sales person it will go through the aerial luv

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