Sky goes wrong after 1 year - again


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Sorry if this is answered elsewhere.

I bought my original Sky package about 5 years ago. After 1 year and 1 week of ownership, the box failed. Result - engineer called out at cost of £50.

About 1 year and 2 weeks ago, I got Sky+ installed and the original box moved to the bedroom.

I am now getting "no satellite signal is being received" on both systems. A call to the helpdesk and they are categoric it is the dish or the LNB and an engineer is needed (for £65).

Strangely though, I can get BBC1, BBC2 and ITV plus digital teletext on the Sky+ box. I cannot get Ch4, Ch5 or any Sky channels.

Am I being paranoid or is it the dish/LNB at fault? If so, how can I still be getting 3 channels plus digital teletext through the Sky+ box?

I could just pay the £65 but I have heard similar stories of systems failing immediately they are out of warranty.

Any help much appreciated.



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say that you would like to cancel your subscription. This has worked for me. 3 times.Never fails. Assuming you subscribe.


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I agree
phone up, cancel subscription, they will give you a free repair in no time.



ive got exactly the same symtoms as you describe have you had any look in sorting it out.


My Sky+ box failed twice a couple of weeks before the warranty ran out, and once more just after the warranty ran out. When I called tech support, they were more interested in selling me an extended warranty than fixing the problem. The problem was 'fixed' by a simple reset. I made it clear to them that I didn't want an extended warranty and if the box failed again I would probably scrap it and do without Sky. Strange, but it been working ok since then !
Call me suspicious but .........!!!!!


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Thanks all.

Bizarrely it does intermittently come back on so cannot be the dish - perhaps a faulty connection somewhere I suppose. Still cannot explain why I get BBC1, BBC2, ITV but nothing else most of the time.

Have tried resetting the box to no effect.

I have asked an engineering-literate friend of mine to have a look first before I go back to Sky.


Is there any update on this, as I to am getting unwatchable signals on all channels, expect the BBC channels.



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LNB was brokena nd needed to be replaced apparently. Still not sure how I was managing to get some channels and not others.........

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