Sky+ Functionality Disappeared




Boy, am I glad that I didn't have any problems like this during the World Cup, or I would have been extremely hacked off [edited by lynx- forum moderator]

Since about 4.30pm on Tuesday this week, my Sky HD box has lost all Sky+ functionality. I can't pause, rewind, record or playback my already recorded programs.

Tried resetting the box a couple of times before starting the telephone nightmare that is Sky Customer Services.

So, the first girl said that she would send a signal to my box, but that this could take up to 4 hours to arrive, so I should check it then. I waited overnight, checked in the morning - nothing doing. Next call, turned up a guy who said that he could see the problem and that I needed to do two things, firstly he got me to access the setup menu and perform housekeeping on the box, and then got me to put 1470 into the telpehone settings, hang up on him and the box would performa callback, and then their systems could communicate with my box and all would be good. I went off to work, but on returning in the evening, still nothing.

Next call, and the girl this time said that she would investigate the problem, and put me on hold for about 10 mins before coming back to say that she would have to escalate the problem to a senior technician as all my subs checked out, the viewing card number was correct and she wasn't sure what the problem was. She said it would be sorted, but I would just have to wait. It's now 24 hours on, and I called again only to be told the same thing, it had been escalated to a senior tech (boy THAT GUY MUST be busy eh?) and I would have to wait, but to keep checking the functionality.

So, I'm now without record and playback (which had worked perfectly since I had my HD box over a month ago) and to be honest I'm not gonnna phone again, because the information you get is just [edited by lynx-forum moderator].

Anybody else had this problem with Sky+ functionality on their HD box? It's bad enough that the HD content we pay for is limited, but if you can't record (or playback) it makes the box pretty useless in my opinion.



Your hard disk could have a problem. Did Sky get you to do a Full System Reset ?


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And forcing an update of the software? (Hold down Backup on the box when you turn the power on then wait the 10 mins or so while it says updating)


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This has happened to me a few times. Normally a soft reset or planner rebuild fixes it.

However it happened this morning again and 2 resets and a planner rebuild have failed to restore playback.

Will I have to lose all my recordings and do a full reset?


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My set-up is Sky HD and 2 x Sky+ multiroom

I lost Sky+ functionality on one of my two multiroom Sky+ yesterday. I called last night and told me there was an error message when trying to pair card with box. They then had to send an email to another team. Today the missus is convinced she used the pause function but when i came home it was gone again. Called them back up and now waiting..............

They initially told me yesterday it happened as the system showed this box was waiting to be installed. I told them it was installed on 8th July and was working fine until yesterday!

Ho hum....

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