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Sky+ freezing and shutting down. Is this normal??

Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by mixalot, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. mixalot


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    I've had sky+ installed 2 days now and i'm finding it great, but i seem to be having a few problems with the sky+ box.

    1st problem was the digibox hanging and then going into standby. I turned the machien back on and everything seemed to be fine.

    2nd problem happened about an 1 hour ago, i was going throught the epg about to play a recorded program and the highlighted part started to go crazy, and cycle through the different options, it then got stuck on the channel i was watching before but with just a blue screen. I pulled the power and everything seems fine.

    Is this normal for these to happen in such a short space of time, these happened after i did the software update, or does it sound like i've got a faulty box?

    any feedback?
  2. Starburst

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    Jul 13, 2000
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    With a few exceptions I would say most of the problems with SKY+ are software related, everything from corrupt download to biggy code. A fresh install of the OS may help and I would also wipe the hard drive as well, SKY will probably advise on these procedures on your first support call.
    In fact might be worth calling them right now just to make sure they have been notified of any problems if they decide to replace the box at some future point. For some reason SKY seems to believe that a SKY+ over a week old can be replaced with a model two years old, critiise Dixons/Currys etc but even they don't so that.

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