Sky+ Freezing and out of sync


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Recently I've noticed that my Sky+ picture freezes for a second or two and then the audio is out of sync for another couple of seconds - it then clears up. This seems to happen on various channels and even when I am not recording anything.

I have an Amstrad Sky+ box which is approx. 6 months old.

Does anyone else have the same problem or is my box / hard disk on the way out ?


Hi There...common With Amstrad Boxes I'm Afraid,what You Want Is One Of The Pace Sky+ Would Notice A Huge Difference In Quality.unfortunatly Sky Don't Seem To Have Any Left..but If Anybody On Here Knows Different Then Please Let Me Know As I Am After A Pace System...cheers

Mr Grumpy

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This sounds familiar. I have always put stuttery broadcasts down to atmospherics but maybe I am being a little generous as there could well be a whole host of other explanations.
However I was annoyed to say the least when I played back a recorded film the other night only to find the lip synching was out by in excess of a second (certainly more than my Denon receiver could rectify). In truth it rendered the film all but unwatchable.
You can log a call stating the vertical banding problem as an issue and try and get swapped out for a pace box. However there should be a firmware upgrade out for the timing issue soon...

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