Sky+ Freesat/Freeview using Amstrad DRX180


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Bit of an odd question this......Sorry for the "long story"!

I have had Sky+ for about 6 months and (so far) am VERY happy with it :clap: . It's running through a Sky+ Pace box (Supplied by Sky) sitting in an upstairs bedroom. I have the RF Signal being sent downstairs (through the RF2 on the back of the pace) by one of Sky's Magic Eye things to my HD LCD TV. All working fine.

I recently got given an Amstrad DRX180, which I thought I would keep as a spare in case the Pace box died out of warranty (likely knowing my luck :rolleyes: ).

Although I have Sky+ downstairs, I often find that I'm copying programs from the Sky+ box to my DVD Recorder (for later viewing), when the wife wants to watch her programs, or recording two programs simultaneously, etc. So, what I would really like is some sort of "Freeview" downstairs....but....with the ability to (switch) to the Sky+ signal "on-demand". I don't agree with paying for Sky's Multiroom, when I'm considering upgrading to Sky HD in the next 6 months (when the price drops a bit!).

I have a standard Aerial (externial aerial) cable downstairs, so can obviously buy a freeview box and plug it in, but the Freeview signal in my area is "poor".

I can buy Freesat from Sky, but need to pay them about £200? or something for the box? I appreciate it includes a "mini-dish" or some sort....

So, my questions are :

1) Can I use the Amstrad DRX180 Sky+ Box with a Freesat viewing card?

2) If not, can I just buy a standard "cheap" Freeview box and put in the Freesat viewing card?

3) If I can do one/both of the above, can I just use a standard "Aerial" splitter and push both the "standard aerial" and "RF2 Outlet from the Sky+" into the Freeview/Freesat box? I appreciate I'd probably need to scan for the channels before plugging in the splitter/RF2 Outlet.

4) If I buy a Quad LNB for my existing Sky+ Minidish, plug the lead into my DRX180 downstairs, what Viewing card options do I have? :lease:

Sorry for the barage of questions! :devil:



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1. Yes you can use a Freesat card in a DRX180 but you won't be able to record unless you pay Sky the monthly £10.

2. No, a Freeview box needs an aerial and (if you wish) a TopUpTV card.

4. You can have a Sky subscription card or a £20 Freesat card.


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Thanks for the reply SamRadford :smashin:

In which final question is ....

CAN I just plug a standard Aerial fly-lead into the DRX180 with FREESAT Viewing card or do I HAVE to have a link from the existing Sky Minidish to my DRX180?

Thanks again,


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No you can't use an aerial. Sky boxes are satellite boxes and have to be connected to an LNB.

If you have Sky + installed recently there is a good chance that you have a quad LNB. Use one ot the spare LNB outlets on it to drive your spare box via a suitable length of coax.


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Thanks for the reply beerhunter.

I'll check out the LNB Situation next time I get the ladder out. If it does have a Quad LNB, I just buy Coax and connectors, plug in (having obtained FreeSat) and go?

Sounds almost tooooooooo easy ;)

Thank you,
James :clap:


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A Freesat card will get you only 3 extra channels above the Free To Air ones: CH4, five and SKY3.

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