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Hi can anyone tell me how to get a sky free to air card?
also if i used a scotish postcode and had it mailed on to london would i be able to see celtic in uefa cup on bbc1 scotland?
Would changing to this card and back to my sky card cause any problems?


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No such thing as a SKY FTA card:)
What you mean is a FTV (Free To View) smartcard supplied by the BBC in association with CH4 and Five.


A FTV card has to be married to a particular digibox if you want to access the BBC channels, so there would be issues if you already had a SKY smartcard married to your digibox.
I've also read that the BBC are becoming more strict with postcode and digibox serial numbers checks to confirm you are entitled to a card with a particular channel line up.


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IIRC if you have Sky digital, and after the initial 12 month contract you cancel your subscription, the sky card you have becomes a FTA one.


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If you get someone in Scotland to order the card for you,it
will give you BBC Scotland.You need to give Scottish postal address and post code when ordering the card.After you receive the card you call them back to have it activated.you will require
the serial no and version no of your Sky receiver.Both are found
by using the services menu.I cant find the Telephone no now but
will add it later.

To obtain a Free to View Card you must be a UK resident. Ring 08702 438000
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