SKY+ & Flat Screen TV/Monitor & PC Master Plan "Is this possible?"

Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by Clayts, Mar 28, 2005.

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    I will shortly be moving house and have a kind of plan for what I want to do in my new place. I figure I am starting from scratch so I might as well do it right. Not all this info may be relevant to this forum so please ignore the points that are not, I will post these elsewhere also. If you can answer all my questions then great!

    1) I am planning on getting SKY+ in my lounge on my existing TV. In addition to this I would also like SKY in my kitchen and Bedroom. So my first question is if i want to watch a different channel upstairs to downstairs do i need a 2nd sky+ box? and do i have to pay the extra £10 a month?

    So...... (if) I am not that bothered about watching seperate channels in these rooms can i get some kind of magic eye that will change the SKY+ box channel from the kitchen and bedroom so i can at least watch SKY in these rooms? and then just buy a couple of extra remotes?

    2) I am going to buy a kind of mini flat screen TV/Monitor for my kitchen. Is there any way of connecting this up to the SKY in the lounge? If possible I also want this TV/Monitor to be able to connect to my PC up stairs so I am play music through it in the kitchen. Does anyone know of any way this can be done wirelessly or otherwise? Is there any way to control the PC via remote or touch screen through this TV/Monitor in the kitchen? Basically I want to be able to see and control my desktop from a monitor downstairs and also show SKY (if i want to) on the monitor as well?

    3) Can I connect a TV/Monitor to SKY+ box wirelessly?

    4) I am going to get BroadBand for the PC upstairs and also want to do this wirelessly can i just go with any provider or are some better than others for this? Do i need any extra security for a wireless network?

    5) Is it possible to get a kind of Mini PC that is in the monitor in my kitchen so i can connect to the internet through this via my wireless network?

    Thanks in advance for all your help?
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    I'll try to answer as best I can.

    1. If you want to watch a different channel, you'll need an additional box. As this would involve a multiroom subscription, you would need to pay the extra £10 per month. If you are not bothered about a different channel, you can run an RF cable with a mgic eye from the RF2 output on the Sky+ box which would enable you to control the box from another room (don't know if this would work with 2 other rooms though)

    2. For the kitchen PC/TV, you might want to have a look at the Icebox: as this will do most of what you want.

    3. You can get wireless video senders that would do what you want but I beleive that they can conflict with wireless networks and are also affected by microwave ovens (important in the kitchen!)

    4. You can get a wirelss broadband router which should work with most if not all providers. Wireless security can be and, indeed should be, implemented on the network.

    5. See number 2



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