Sky +, Fan Noisy When it Comes On????

B Caine

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Hi All, As the lead says it makes a loud noise when it comes on, it`s as if the bearings need an oiling and being bolted to the case the noise is transfered and amplified, can I put another fan in it or does anybody know of a remedy or an idea. Many thanks for any replies I may get.


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Never needed to bother with the fan myself but others have replaced it with another model and sometimes used a Fan Mate to control the speed so it can run 24/7 but at reduced rpm.

It may also be that repositioning the fan or adding some padding to the SKY+ base may damp down the vibration.


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I must say I find my Sky+ fan to be pretty quiet, so I can't complain. What I have noticed though, is that since the software upgrade last week my fan is coming on very regularly indeed. The result being the box is pretty much cool all the time, which has to be an improvement, and hopefully will have the desired effect on the reliability of the HD.


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I suspect that was the intention behind the lowering of the trigger temp of the internal fan.
Whoever designed the original SKY+ and it's later versions had no idea how abused they could get in a subscribers normal room environment.


I'm sure you can get replacements. Try a search for "Replacement Fan for Pace" or similar.


I'm also having problems with my fan on my pace v2 sky+box, i've had it about six months now and recently it's become very loud.
If i unplug the power cable then reinsert it the fan goes very quiet again then a few hours later it becomes quite loud again.
I cannot hear it over normal tv viewing but once the tv is off then i can hear it, I always leave it on even when we go to bed or go out, should i put it on standby and will it still record in standby mode ??


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If the fan is running virtually all the time then it's safe to assume the SKY+ is cooking itself and that will shorten it's lifespan.
Unplugging the SKY+ may cause a temporary drop in the internal temperature so when you plug it back in the fan isn't activated, a few hours later the box is hot and the fan kicks in.
Is the fan running when you say it goes quite or is it just off?
One of the recent OS updates lowered the trigger temperature of the fan and many people have reported that they hear more now than before.

SKY+ works fine in standby, the only difference is that the video circuits are turned off but the box continues to record according to any planner entries and is always ready for any updates.

Stereo Steve

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Fuzzybee, the quiet fan noise you hear is probably the hard drive. the loud noise is when the fan cuts in.

I found it very annoying, having spent hundreds on building 2 completely silent PC's and then having a silly fan cutting in all the time.

Had I kept my plus box I was planning on replacing the 3.5" hard drive for a 2.5" one which would have run silent and much cooler. Then I would have used a fanmate on the fan and cut it's speed in half.

But I sold it anyway. Will be getting a freeview PVR soon, hope they don't have the same problem.


Thanks for the help with my problem, i'll start putting the sky+ box in standby when i'm not watching it.
I have realised when the fan goes quiet it's because it's not running and it's my harddrive i can hear(thanks for that Stereo Steve). I will see how i go with the standby option, that should cool things down so hopefully the fan won't be used as often as before :smashin:


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Power consumption is virtually identical on SKY+ regardless of if it's in Standby or not. The HD spinds 24/7 and is generating heat, the original Maxtors are reported to run quite hot compared to many makes/model that upgraders have used.
Something else the original designers obviously ignored perhaps in an attempt to get cheaper components to meet SKY's price points.

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