Sky + & Extra box. clarification


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From the Sky website -

- Sky+ set top box only £199
- Sky+ subscription is FREE when you subscribe to more than one Sky premium channel (otherwise £10)
- Standard installation of Sky+ £50
- During your Sky+ install we can set up your current digibox to receive Sky digital in another room for just £10 more
- Order Sky+ and an extra subscription online and standard installation of Sky+ and relocation of your current digibox is FREE (a saving of £60)
- When you have Sky+, an extra Sky digital subscription costs only £10 per month (normally £15 per month)

From what I can make of that,

Sky+ costs £10 a month extra, but if you order the extra box you no longer pay this £10 a month, but you pay £10 a month for the exta box? If thats the case wouldn't it be stupid NOT to have the extra box?? When we move house my mother is going to have a normal Sky box in the living room and I'm going to have Sky+ in the HT on the premium package which works out @ £22 each a month :D


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I understand £10 pm is the rate for a mirror subsciption - a 2nd box irrespective if your first is + or not. May be wrong - I have + so it was the offer I was given. £10pm is the fee for +, waived for 'premium' subscriptions. If you are already 'premium' - circa £30 pm then the mirror is an extra tenner. Not much use for me & the wife unless we sit in seperate rooms for viewing. Mmmmmm £10 is that all?


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If you had say the family package on the SKY+ you would have to pay an additional £10 a month for the SKY+ sub, if you also had a second digibox using a mirror card then that would be another £10 a month.
So that's £20 a month extra for SKY+ and the mirror sub, however under this deal if you had a channel package with "free" SKY+ subs then you would then only pay an additional £10 for the mirror sub.
Just to confuse matters if you were not a SKY+ subscribers the mirror subscription would be £15 a month:)


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Aaaah, right, so if you have a Premium package on Sky+ you don't pay the £10 anyway? I thougt they only waivered that when you had the extra box.

Anyhoo, Sky + which would be my VCR & Tuner for the Projector (and sky obviously) for £22 a month sounds swell to me.... (i can do a series link for Neighbours then so I can go to the Gym after work and never miss a visit to ramsey street... I er... didn't just say all that!)
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