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Mr Budgie

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Hello all

has any one had any luck get a sweetener from sky for not showing up to an appointment.
As sky came out to upgrade us to sky Q 3 weeks ago (after waiting 3 weeks for that appointment) to tell me he cant do it as the satellite is above a tiny Porch (yeah I know haha) so waited in till 1pm (as appointment was today between 8am and 1pm). No one arrived, so phone sky to be told he was two hours behind to i waited till 5pm and phoned again. This time they tell me my appointment was cancelled yesterday and rescheduled to happen in another 3 weeks. I wasn't notified and on the phone the agent could see I wasn't notified, but I got the texts on Monday morning confirming appointment (location, date and time). what's annoying is I am self employed and rearranged my diary so I am £200 out of pocket. They did offer a good will of £15 but that seems like a mick take to me. Any one else had an similar experiences..
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