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Outlook seems to be contacting the server ok for me. Bbut saying that I don't get any traffic on it.
Wil move to the SkyBB forum , more likely to find sky email users in there
Sky have, without any prior warning, moved all email accounts to Google email.

You should have received an email telling you this was going to happen, and it details how to change various settings on both Gmail and Outlook Express to get your email working again.

The sad fact is that in moving 1.5 million email accounts they have corrupted a fair few (including my father who is only just IT literate but reliant on functioning email). Having spent the last hour trying to get my fathers email to work I have concluded that they have corrupted his user name/password settings. We can access him email via a browser but not via Outlook Express.

See here:
for more help. Hope yours has gone smoothly.

I also have found that on my fathers account they seem to have now blocked the ports that would have let him use his old BT account via POP and forward the sky mail to this. Anyone got any suggestions as to how to get round this?

Hope this helps.

Ian Guinan
Fixed BT email by deleting then re-adding account (don't know why that worked?)

**edit** will receive email but will not send. Have tried altering port settings..

Sky email still not working though.

Ian Guinan


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We've not had the e-mail service that we had before the change. They managed to give us the email address that they decided (username - it only took them 6 days to make that one work) but not the one that we had before that is still getting messages and is still shown on our 'MySky' profile.

Almost 2 weeks on and I'm getting bored of waiting - I'll be asking for my MAC code soon, even though I'm still in the 1st 12 months I can't see how this is anything other than breach of contract by them. I pay over £80 a month to them on average so I've got some leverage there too.

It was bad enough had they imposed this change on us and it had worked (so much for customer choice) but it looks increasingly like they've used the "if you give an infinite number of baboons an infinite numbers of wires one of them will give you a working email" approach.

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