Sky+ Doubling The Cappacity??


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a friend of mine recently had sky+ installed and was curious as to how many hours of programmes they could get on the hard drive,they rang sky to ask and was UNOFFICIALLY told that sky are currently doing trials to double the ammount of hours you can store on your hard drive and will be done using some sort of compression and will be sent via an automatic software download in the not to distant future

anyone else know anything about ths??????????????

Roger G Cam

There have been rumours about this for some time. I think the last one I read was a report of a converstion with a Sky Callcentre.

It led to discussion about how this might technically be achieved.
We could certainly do with more space - but do we want to sacrifice quality?

There hasn't been anything formal from Sky - so it may just be gossip amongst Sky Staff.

In actual fact I don't think anyone has any good idea what the next download from Sky will be - probably a series of fixes to tidy up after the dual record update late last year.



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If this dose go ahead i hope we will have the option to have the download or not , as i would rather suffer with less space than have a load of space with poor quality recording / playback.

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