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im really fed up today as i had my sky digibox replaced a month ago at a cost of £60 as my old one had gone wrong,after waiting all day an engineer finally arrived late in the evening and rushed in and replaced the box and rushed out again,after viewing the picture for a few days,the picture quality was not very good with lines flickering in the background,after calling an engineer out again,one arrived to sort out my problem,he didnt seem all that interested in my problem and twiddled with my dish and said he couldnt really see what the problem was and i resigned myself to the fact that at least my digigbox was working and id have to put up with the rubbish picture,then i found out that none of the phone line activities would work and that my digibox was trying to access the phone line on its on all day long,again ringing the sky helpline i arranged for an engineer to sort this problem out and they were coming yesterday (05/10/02),someone rang me in the morning to tell me that they would arrive between 11am and 3pm that day,it is now sunday morning (06/10/02) at 9.25am and still noone from sky has been or phoned,i wasted another day at home waiting for someone to come and sort out my problem,i dont want to keep phoning the helpline as it is costing me a lot of money in phone bills ,and am wondering why im paying £32 a month and getting a lousy picture and then when im reporting a problem getting people that really are not interested in helping me out,


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First of all while you are paying a subscription that puts you in a very strong position, SKY do make an effort to keep existing subscribers from cancelling when the service is not upto the customers standards.
You've also got to remember that many of the installers/engineers are contract workers who like any individual have days when they say "fudge it" and don't turn up for appointments and do bad work so while SKY are ultimately responsible they have little direct control over the an engineer who has an appintment but doesn't turn up.

So make a list of all your problems, digibox/time wasted waiting for an engineer/phone costs etc then make another call to SKY CS and get through to a supervisor explaining your problems along with the conclusion that cancellation and small claims court are the only options available to you if SKY can't/won't help.

At the very least you should ask for a fully operational digibox and subscription credits for the phone calls and money lost through staying at home for the call out.


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Originally posted by nigelcraft
thanks for the advice,will probably call them later when i've calmed down a bit,
Not probably, just do it, they will probably grovel and offer a good deal. You are the customer, the Customer is alway's right ;)


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have rung sky,complained a lot,all i got was" we are very sorry but we dont know why the engineer didnt call " and all they offered me was another date for an engineer,which will have to
be next weekend as im at work all week,what great service from sky,i would have thought that the least the could have done was send an engineer round today,as i would have thought i should have stayed at the top of their list

makes me wonder why i bothered at all

sigh :(


the Customer is alway's right

Unless you are a $ky customer, in which case you are one in twelve million, they don't give a t*ss if they lose one!

Just my 2p worth!



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Unless you are a $ky customer

Probably a really stupid question but why do you always put $ky instead of Sky?? Seen somebody else doing this (lynx maybe??!!) who always puts $ly - just curious!!!! :D



If I'm being nice I spell it properly (this doesn't happen often, of course!)

If I'm not being nice I use the dollar sign - this infers they are a money grabbing load of old....., Well, you get the idea!



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strangly without warning a sky engineer turned up that evening offering no explanation as to why he had turned up,came in and looked at my digibox pressed a few buttons and said "oh you've got a dodgy digibox and preceded to change the box to adifferent one (even though id told the last engineer that it was a crap box and he had told me there was nothing wrong with it),this one has a 100 times better picture than the one that replaced my faulty one,so the engineer left leaving me to ring sky up and cancel the callout for next weekend who then left me hanging on the phone for 5 minutes while they cancelled the callout ,i can only hope that this digibox lasts for a few years,dont want to have to go through that hassle again

if only they had brought me a working box in the first place


Originally posted by kelvinp
Seen somebody else doing this (lynx maybe??!!) who always puts $ly - just curious!!!! :D

Yep. It harks back to a time long ago when it was desirable to use terminology that would not be picked up by search engines. ;) Hence $ly or 1tv :)

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