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Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by 325sportcab, Feb 2, 2009.

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    Help, newbie question.

    I have 1 x powered aerial mast with 2 aerial connections.

    1 of these feeds a SKY+ box in the main room, RF2 from this system then is distributed to 4 TV's around the house by an amp in the loft. This amp allows the TV eye to work on the other 4 TV's.

    The second aerial feed is connected to another SKY+ box for the kids and then RF2 from this box is sent to a separate amp in the loft so they can use the TV eye.

    The kids are getting older and have used their pocket money etc to purchase new tv's. These TV's are HD capable (only 720P) with freeview. The freeview stuff works ok but the RF picture for sky is pretty poor. (older tv's did not notice so much but now it is quite noticeable about how poor the picture is.)

    On Both SKY + boxes the main TV is connected via SCART and I realise this is not the best connection medium but the picture quality is acceptable (much better than RF2).

    Is there any way to provide scart or abover quality to the 3 TV's ?
    I was thinking of using a scart splitter (1 x in 4 x out) and then running CAT 5 to each of the rooms .

    Currently in each room they have 1 x cat 5 to network switch for PC and 1 x Coax for the RF2 input into the loft.

    What is the best and most economical way to achieve this.

    Many Thanks

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