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I'm moving house and as always, I will install the dish myself rather than having a pleb do is and bursting my new bricks etc.

Was just going to buy a new dish and LNB from eBay but are there any bad ones I should watch out for or is any old LNB fine?


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It depends where you are I suppose. I bought a Raven Mk4 zone 2 from eBay with quad lnb, cabling and mounting brackets all in one package (I got a few coaxial terminators for the unused outputs and some self amalgamating tape separately). It works like a dream 100% signal strength and signal integrity across all bands for freesat (UK Midlands). It's a bit bigger than the neighbours sky dish and not a single fleck of rust after a couple of years use.

My neighbours sky cut out a bit with snow other year but mine worked.


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Triax make the Sky dishes now although Raven/ Invacom sky dishes are still about, they've got a long track record of amazing rust proofing on steel dish faces - 15-20 years & still waiting for rust to appear- you just give them a wipe & they look like you've just installed them, just hope they are better than Raven at rust proofing Sky dishes as you can see plenty about that have gone rusty but that might be down to being perforated as it's all those edges where rust could start - time will tell.

I prefer Triax but you won't go far wrong with either & a zone 2 isn't a bad idea - the LNBs are usually pretty good too

but - getting any dish mail order is the problem - if they get bent a bit, I never get any dishes by mail order & have seen customers who have bought dishes mail order that have arrived damaged when they've asked me to fit them.

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