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After failing with a Pact FTA box I have decided to bite the bullet and go sky digital.

The building I live in was wired for sky digital when I moved - a dish on the roof and threaded connections piped into the living rooms of each of the 46 flats. I really only want sky in order to improve the quality of my exisiting picture (severe ghosting caused by Canary Wharf towers).

So... if I were to buy a second hand sky digibox, and connect it to the socket in the wall would it work or do I need a sky engineer to activate the service or some kind of viewing card etc?

I know £12 a month isn't much but I really don't watch telly that much and am only interested in channels 1-4 (and maybe 5)!

Thanks in advance.



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From : -
"If you just want the BBC channels (plus other free-to-view channels) and don’t want to subscribe
to Sky digital you will need to call us to get a free satellite viewing card to go in the front of your
digibox. The number to call is 0870 243 8000 between 8:30am and 11pm daily."


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I'm on the phone right now!!! Thanks very much for this... now all I need is a digibox - I'll scan the forums to find recommendations but are there any in particular I should look out for?


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The more recent models are faster when using the menus and really do make a difference in day to day use compared to the first generation machines.
Some Grundigs have s-video output while the Sony has an optical audio output. Panasonic are reputed to have the fastest menus, Pace and Amstrad are pretty much reference design.
I don't think you can really got too far wrong with any of the latest models.

Makes & Models


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Great, thank you for the recommendations. Any comments on the Sony VTX-S750U. Was the S760 a real advance over this version (just seen quite a nice deal on one!!!)


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I've got an Amstrad DRX300 digibox in the classified adverts if your interested...


I've got the Panasonic. No problems. Good picture - particularly if your TV has an RGB scart - and sound. Can recommend.
Ive fitted every make going and have to say the panasonic is best , stay clear of the older grundig and amstrad models.

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