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A friend of mine is about to get Sky Digital (not +) and he's been told he has to connect to a phone line.

What do Sky use the phone connection for and how do they 'connect' with it - do they dial up a modem or use and ADSL type connection?

I'd be amazed if it was dial up as that could potentially block your phone line when you want to use it for a call. OTOH if it's ADSL then they'll cock up an existing ADSL connection because they'll use the same frequencies.

My friend has ADSL so if forced he's going to provide the installer with a splittered phone connection which will block the ADSL frequencies :)

What happens if you disconnect the phone line once the installer has left?



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SKY give you cheap installation and a free digibox in return for a phone connection in the hope that you use that method for ordering PPV and also use the revenue generating interactive services. The digibox has an internal modem for connection to a standard phone line, it should attempt to contact SKY once a month during the early hours and will only make a call if the phone line is not being used and will drop the connection if you attempt to make call. If you benefit from that deal you should at the very least abide by the terms but if you choose not too then either put a standard phone socket near the digibox or allow the installer run an extension at the time of the install.
When it's all up and running and the installer has gone remove the phone connection, the odds of SKY querying you are very very slim.

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