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My Sky+ box has 2 sound outputs, an analogue and a digital. Does the box output sound through both of those at the same time or does it only use the digital one for 5.1 broadcasts and the phono outputs for stereo.

Essentially, is it enough for me to connect my amp via the digital output or will I have to run phono cables as well?



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Yup as leng says - the optical output will output 5.1 for a 5.1 broadcast and will output stereo for a stereo broadcast

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Yes, you just need to connect the digital cable.

The optical output on SKY+ is continuously giving out a PCM digital signal at 48kHz. The only exception to this is when it is feeding out a Dolby Digital signal (where available). In the abscence of a Dolby Digital signal, it will revert to outputing a traditional stereo digital signal (complete with Pro Logic encoding where appropriate).

If memory serves me correct, then you can specify in the menu what you want the optical out to do when encountering a Dolby Digital signal : either stick with a PCM stereo digital signal (for those with without AV processors) or output the Dolby Digital stream (for those with AV processors).

All in all, I've found the digital output works beautifully on SKY+, not least of which because bypassing the dreadful D/A converters in the SKY box yields a huge leap forward in sound quality (over the standard analogue outputs). Myself, I don't run AV, but passing the optical output into my audiophile DAC has given a big sound quality increase from my old standard Digibox (which was running analogue into the preamp).


IMHO Sky+ optical digital output gives a vastly superior sound than analogue stereo when connected to a reasonable quality AV amp, and is the only connection you will need.

Actually makes the music video channels sound good (Pro-logic 2 "Music" setting!)


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