Sky Digibox Turning the TV On by Itself


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Hi all,

I'm hoping for some help with an irritating issue. I've just replaced my KDL24W605A with a KDL32WD751BU and have a weird problem. Basically, the TV is turning on by itself, but only when connected (via scart) to my old Sky digibox, which I still use sometimes for certain free channels not available on Freeview. If I turn the Sky box off standby all is well, but when it's on the TV just keeps switching on. The old TV was connected just the same, but never had the problem. Any ideas would be much appreciated.


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Is there a "Scart Control" setting on either device?

Scart was designed to trigger devices to switch input and it might be that this trigger is actually turning your TV on.

Final cure would be to cut the core in the Scart cable - I think this is Pin 8

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