Sky digibox question?


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Hi guys :hiya:
I have a prob with my sky digibox, its made by Grundig but im not sure of the model no though. Anyways the problem is that it keeps turning itself off at random, sometimes causing it to reboot. Is this a common problem with digiboxe (my old box did the same thing) or am i just really unlucky and have somehow ended up with 2 duff boxes? Ive been thinking bout sky+ but i dont see why i should have to pay £60 for installation when i already have a perfectly good dish here already, does anyone know if there's a way round this? Ive seen sky+ boxes on Ebay and thought about buying one a few times but im not sure of terms and conditions with sky regarding subscriptions, dont you need to pay a monthly fee to use the recording features of the box?
Wow thats alot've questions!!! i would really appreciate any feedback.
cheers guys and gals.



hi, it sounds like the box is knackered and it needs replacing, is called switching to standby. the sky plus installation if you went for it would require you changing the lnb on the end of the dish and running an additional cable as you need to have 2 feeds for sky +.
you would have to pay for a monthly subscription to be able to use your sky + features.
best check it out with sky about their t & c' s for a customer supplied box.

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