Sky Digibox Generation 1 - Firmware/Software Upgradeable?



Hello everyone,

Does anybody know if the 1st geberation of Sky Digiboxes are firmware/software upgradeable? My old box is so very sloooow on the menu system but my dad's is 'tres rapide'!!!!!!
I've got the old Amstrad (black with the curvy silver front thing) and my dad has a new silver Amstrad!

Thanks in advance!

The slow speed of the first generation boxes is mostly to do with the slow processors that were used 5 years ago. At the time the requirments of the OS and EPG were far less but as the software has become more complicated the speed of the user interface has dropped.
Same principle would apply if you ran the latest PC game on a PC that was 5 years old:)

As far as I know there is no practical way to upgrade an old digibox at least not in a manner that would be cheaper than buying a brand new one or a used box that is a year or so old.

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