SKY+ Digibox Crashed and Fixed Tale

Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by pprovart, Oct 19, 2005.

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    May 17, 2005
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    Today i came back from a long trip to find that my Sky+ (PaceV2) box appeared to work , except that all channels were showing "No Satellite Signal Received". SO we started watching an episode of the "4400" whilst waiting for Sky tech support.

    Phoned SKy and they suggested to unplug the power and re-plug it in. At this point i think the box barffed and all that would happen is the RED light would come on. Despite unplugging Scarts, power leads etc the box would not display any signal on the TV. It appeared to be an Ex-Box, it had ceased to be.! :eek:

    SO the Sky technician booked me in for a £65 call out to fix it. :(

    I then looked here on Avforums and on Digital Spy Forums and found a few posts about changing hard disks and doing full system reset, and one about updatign software.

    Thinking i had lost all my programmes i though "Well no harm in trying" soooo
    1) I powered off the Sky+ box by removing the cable.
    2) Held down the "Backup" button on the front
    3) Re-inserted the power lead and waited for the Red light to come on.

    Almost immediatley a new screen popped up saying "Updating System Software : This may take 10Minutes". After about 2 minutes the system then appeared to power off.

    So i pressed the REd button to power back on, the screen flicked a few times and my SKY+ box lept into life again!! :clap:

    I'll see how long this stays stable, but as a lesson , dont rule out having a go yourself before calling Sky engineers out.

    My wife is dead chuffed as we can finish watching the episode of the 4400, and recover all the films we had.

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    Hi Pete,

    I'm so glad for you. Since the software update about two months ago, most of us have been besieged with problems and a few members have done the forced update, as you did. For some it temporarily cured their problems but several have reported that it lasted for a couple of weeks and then they had trouble again. It may not happen with your box. Sorry to put a dampener on your success but I didn't want you to worry if it goes back to square one. Sky are meant to be doing another software update to rectify the problems most of us have had in two to four weeks, so a member reported.

    Fingers crossed we'll all have perfect Sky+ in a month's time!!!

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