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Currently have a 3 year old amstrad unit which to be honest has been reliable over the years, but, recently it's been getting slower and slower through menus and selecting stations and compared to my mate's nice new panny unit it's a Dinosaur.
So is there anywhere to trade in this unit as to get sky to change it it'll cost me 60 notes just for an engineer then more money for a refurb unit ?
Or is there anywhere to buy new unit's for god money ?


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Some boxes are apparently suffering because of the last poor software update from Sky (which was buggy and causes menu and tvguide elements to slow down). I have a brand new Pace which is slow and clunky, and we have a three year old Panasonic which is as smooth and fast as possible - I don't think it is the age of the box that is the issue... :)


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Not that I know of. I think they update & send out updates fairly regularly. There has been a fair amount of discussion on here about this recently - maybe if you did a search you might find some answers.
(Don't completely take my word for this as I am not an expert - it could well be that your box is faulty) :)


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The last software update fixed a lot of problems on my 4 year old pace box, such as program listings not available, missing channels, crashes etc.

The new update is much more stable, but still slow as ever.

As for the firmware, well the box downloads the latest software available so i don't know if it can be changed manually.

Maybe someone else can help more.

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