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Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by stewsmith, Jul 28, 2002.

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    I'm just about to go digital and get myself a sky digital package. Can any of you recommend a decent top box to go for...It will be added to my 46who85 rp and hooked up to my Marantz sr5200.Also are there any pro's and cons to be aware of. Any advice will be well appreciated, as I havent had any decent advice from all of the sales people that I have spoken to in Currys and the other sky outlets....I am thinking of going for Sky digital + as the idea of the inbuilt hard drive recording facility appeals to me.....Any reviews welcome....
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    From reading various forums and newsgroups it seems the Panasonics have the best reputation but if you want a s-video output then you'll have to look at a Grundig model.
    There is very little to choose between the various makes, they all perform the mpegII decoding to the same standard but until you hook one up to your dish and TV you won't know exactly what the results will be. As a rule you won't get a choice in the make and model of digibox if you take a subsidised install.

    The SKY+ box benefits from both a s-video output and an optical connection capable of Dolby Digital output. I am very happy with my SKY+ and if the manual timing and two channel recording come to pass it will be even better. It's not perfect though, the series links can be unreliable and many do not use them and that's not what you want when the service costs £10 a month on top of any subscription package.

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