Sky+ DD5.1 via Denon amp?



Hi guys,

Had Sky+ installed yesterday, and all seems fine. I have bought a digital optical cable to connect it to my Denon 2802 amp.

First attempt was met with silence, so I am assuming I need to assign the digital inputs through the onscreen Denon menu?

How can I easily test the 5.1 output from Sky+? Are there any films (not Box Office) that I can test tonight, and should the amp automatically pick up the 5.1 signal or will I need to "tell" it manually?

Anc can I use any optical input on my amp? I have 3 options (CD/Tape, VCR-1, VCR-2) I think?

Thanks all, I gather DD5.1 has been a problem on Sky+ for a while?


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It's reportedly quieter for starters. Any film with 5.1 is indicated just prior to the showing.


Stereo Steve

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You need to enable digital output on the sky box (in setup somewhere) then you need to assign the relevant optical input on the denon to whichever setting you want Sky on. So if you want it on TV, you assign an optical input to that (maybe already assigned).

The amp will autmatically detect 5.1 and reproduce it. Note that only some Sky Movie channels currently broadcast 5.1 so try those if you have them. I think 1,2 and 3 are your best bet.


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Steve is right. If you bring up the info banner on Sky+ you'll see a DD in the top right corner for movies in 5.1. Then check the display on the amp - it should also show dolby digital. if so off you go.

DD is much quiter than other audio on Sky+. My usual level on a 3803 is between -25 and -30 for general watching, but have to boost that to -20 or more for DD movies.


Thanks to all of you for that. I figured I would have to assign the input via the amp so I shall do that tonight.

So to check for this DD flag, I hit the "i" key when I have a movie highlighted via the TV Guide?

Thanks again.


As mentioned above, don't forget to change the settings on the Sky+ box. System setting / sound / optical output

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