Sky - customer loyalty?

meath man

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Just after getting the phone with sky and came very close to cancelling my whole package out of principle.
I have been a sky world subscriber for about 8 years now. I have 2 sky+ boxes in the house with an extra multi-room subscription every month. So i decided i wanted a new sky+ box with the increased memory and sky anytime feature to replace one of the existing sky+ boxes in the house. I presumed it would cost me €150 and no installation fee as it said on the website - how wrong was i!. I was told that it would cost me €150 for the box and an extra €75 installation charge??????? i told him that all i wanted to do was replace an existing box and it was simply a case of swapping over the cables and pairing up the card - why would i have to pay a €75 installaition charge considering i already have multi-room and sky world package. He said it was the current deal, their policy etc etc. So i asked to speak to his manager and some 20 year old management trainee sounding idiot comes onto the phone and he gives me skys policy etc etc. I pointed out that if i was a new customer that i would get free installation and i would not have to pay an extra 75. Considering i have paid sky thousands over the past 8 years or so, i said at the very least i should NOT have to pay another installation charge. I think he then lost it with me and he basically said that they try to entice new customers with this offer and basically they dont give a **** about existing customers (without actually saying those words). So i completely lost it and demanded to speak to his manager. Then an older guy comes on the phone and basically repeats the same old rubbish - end result i refuse to pay the installaition charge and hang up.

Conclusion - once they have signed you up, sky dont give a **** about you. I am so angry, if i didnt watch so much sport i would have cancelled my whole package on the spot.....


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That is pretty poor.

You can go into PC World and get an HD box for 150 quid and 60 quid install as an existing customer (and I think they waive the 60 quid if you have multiroom).

HD footie is great.

meath man

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thanks andy, can anyone on here confirm if that offer in available in the republic of ireland and if they waive the installation fee if you have multi-room?

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