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I have three TVs, one Sky box and a limited budget. The Sky box is connected to my rack and each of the TVs are installed in front of the connectors as per the image below. I'm not bothered about watching different channels on each TV.

Here's the question: what's the cheapest way to watch Sky on all TVs? As in, what connectors or kit do I need??

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Not sure I fully understand the question. The TVs are in different rooms and the Sky box is in one of the roomes or a seperate one? The Sky box has an RF2 out which can be enabled to send an analogue signal and a voltage through coax cabling. That can be split providing you have a splitter that passes the voltage. Usually that cable is single though going to one remote TV and I am not sur did the RF2 out on the Sky box supports splitting specification wise.

The RF signal goes to another TV with a magic eye installed and the TV is tuned to the analogue channel (default is 68 I think). The magic eye than allows a Sky remote to change the channel. Same channel on both TVs connected (normally one connected by AV output and one on the RF2 output form the box).

As I say no idea if a split (or two) is supported by the one RF output on the Sky box. i have done it for one TV upstairs in a bedroom but not multiple.

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In the past I used the output to feed the second socket in my room, which I then in turn connected to the second socket input on my distributor in the loft, therefore it then became available on all sockets in our home.

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