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My Sky+ box is currently connected to my Denon 2805 receiver by S-Video and Optical audio.

I believe I can improve the picture quality by connecting from the SCART socket on the Sky+ box to the component input on the receiver but I am not sure which adapter to purchase. My options appear to be:

A (which comes with a health warning)
A scart adapter for converting a scart connector to component video, YUV / YPrPb / YCrCb. This adapter is bi-directional, scart in or scart out, please note that the scart MUST support component video and not all do.

or B
A scart adapter for converting a scart connector to RGB Plus Sync, RGBS

Which one should I buy?


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I've got one of these, quite pricey but it does give a really good image


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£152 is very pricey. The SCART adapter I mentioned above is only £6.99 but I'm not sure if it will work.


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P.S. How do you post a link in a thread?


QED do the same thing... at about half the price - do a search on the web for QED scart to component converter.


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Bypass the receiver. Connect sky+ directly to your TV with RGB scart.


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Following some research, I have discovered the adapter will not work as the Sky box SCART is RGB and not component.
Bypassing the receiver is not really an option as I have a component cable from the receiver feeding a projector mounted on the ceiling.
I guess I will have to stay with S-Video as I'm not keen on spending lots of money on a converter, which may not give me a significant picture improvement.

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