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Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by DNWILLIAMS, Feb 25, 2005.


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    Feb 25, 2005
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    Hope someone can help? I have a Panny P7 Plasma with the scart board linked to a Pioneer a/v amp via a scart to s-video lead. Sky+ to amp via s-video and xbox to amp via s-video. All worked fine, video source switching via amp works really well, sound system intergrated nicely, plasma display is incredible really pleased with set up. So then I bought a Liteon LVW5005 DVD recorder to copy off sky+ and to use as a dedicated dvd player instead of xbox. Connected dvd rec with a scart to s-video lead set output of scart as s-video and got a black and white picture, switched output to RGB and got colour but had to switch the scart input on the plasma to get it, then sky and xbox display in black and white, so I'm guessing somewhere I have a signal output conflict, any ideas? I'm also assuming ( yes I know about assuming) that the scart board has a RGB and an s-video setting which is what I'm switching between.

    Finally what is the best way of connecting sky+ to the dvd recorder? I don't have any RF cabling now as we're getting pictures from sky so it's all scart or s-video. But I'd prefer to maintain the source switching via the amp but I'd sacrifice that just to have a reliable and family friendly system.
    Sorry it's gone on a bit but from other threads I know you guys like as much info as possible.

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