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My sister just moved into her new place. Can't get any freeview reception there. There is satellite cable coming into her house. Its a dual (coaxial?) one, the same one that's coming into to my room for my sky HD box. I was thinking if I bought a second hand sky digi box for her, would it have to be the HD one? Or could I get away with just a standard def one, which only requires a single cable?

If I bought said box, would she still receive all the free to air stuff? Would I need a sky card?

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If those two cables have a Sky type satellite dish antenna on the other end of them, you can connect one of them to any Sky, Freesat, or generic, satellite receiver, or both of them to a Freesat or generic satellite PVR.
Those would of course show all the free satellite channels, and a Sky receiver with a £25 FreeSatFromSky card would show a few more that are not totally free but are not on subscription either: Free Satellite.
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