SKy+ comunal system help required



I live in an apartment block of 24 flats served by 1 dish.

All the flats are pre wired for sky+, but currently only have one feed that's active.

The managemt comnpany are being very slow about doing anything to get the second feed to work so am trying to work out how to sort this out myself.

I can get access to the main distrubutiuon cupboard, but wondering what i would need to purchase to get the 2nd feed to work and what sort of cost

Afterall i will only be sorting out the feed to my own flat so am wondering if it would be easily enough to do as the wires are already there

All your help would be much appreciated
First be warned that tampering with a communal system which isn't your property could be considered a crime, you would be messing with someone elses hardware so make sure you have the right to do something other than plug a STB into the existing wall socket:)

I assume the communal system is using a Quatro LNB feeding a IF distribution system which gives each flat 2 LNB feeds. If one of those feeds is not actually connected my guess would be that the managment company would want to be paid a one off fee for that function and an additional annual fee for the "service".

If that is the case then anything you do is at your own risk.
Starburst is quite right to counsel caution, though I'm rather doubtful if any action on your part would reach the criminal courts. But you certainly might be breaching the terms of your lease or sub-lease, and might even risk eviction if you are a short term tenant. Have you actually asked your landord and/or the management company to activate the Sky+ feed? After all, it doesn't make much sense for them to install two feeds if they don't intend activating both. Posssibly, they plan to activate them individually as and when flat-dwellers sign up for Sky+.
i've spoke to the guy who installed the system, who tells me that originally the flats were all set to have 2 live feeds active but due to a disagreement over monies, they removed the equipment needed to enable the 2nd feed.

So what we now have is 1 live feed to each flat, but with all the wiring in place for the 2nd feed, but nothing to plug them into at the distrubution end.

i have spoke to the management agency a number of times, but are unwilling to get it all sorted unless all the residents want it and have advised there the residents will then have to pay for the installation.

Currently there are only 2 of us who actually want the sky+ feed, everyone else is happy with just normal sky for now.

As our management agency are somewhat slow (Afterall i've been asking about this for 4 months now) i thought that if i could purchase the equipment myself and install it myself then i would be able to get my second feed up and running cheaper and a lot quicker then if i wait for the management agency to do it.

I believe that if i can turn around to the management aancy and tell them that i can get my feed working for so much cost to myself by just adding what ever i need then they wont have a problem, as long as it's easy enougth to remove when they finally decide to upgrade the system to enable all resident use of sky+

does anyone know how much the equipment will cost me and is it easy to install ?
The easiest method would be to connect a spare output on the IF distribution box to the existing cable and then connect that to whatever socket you have in your flat, however I doubt it will that easy.
The fact that the owners of the communal system are not willing to do it piecemeal would indicate that a major overhaul of the system is required.

Even if it as simple as connectin the existing cable without the express permission of the owner of the distribution system you are leaving yourself open to legal action (just as you would if you hacked into a BT or NTL/TW distribution box) especially if something goes wrong.
just checked the system and there are no spare ports avalible at present.

The system uses A Vision V5-100 Amplifier, the signal is then split in 2 by a Vision V5-204 Splitter, which splits off into 2 x Vision V5-512 12 port multiswitches which = 24 ports in total, hence 24 flats and only one feed per flat

The signal quality on my syk box is currently at half, and the signal strength is full.

I am thinking that if i add another splitter box and a 4 way multiswitch, that i should be ok, and shouldn't cost me too much but am unsure now if the signal quality & strength will be ok for another split ?
the reason the management company are in no rush at present is because they are saying the they are getting very high quotes in.

The previous installer conviently left the 2nd feed cable just tucked in the wall behind the wall plate in each flat instead of connecting it to the face plate. this ensures the contractor can charge a large labour fee for visiting each flat.

After speaking to the management agent, i'm sure i can get permission to install some extra bits, as long as it wont destroy other residents viewing quality
I'm afraid I have reached the limit of my knowledge on communal systems, I know the basics but I couldn't with any confidence advise you on the functions of the A Vision amps and splitters and where you could splice in and what the results would be.

There are plenty of specs on the Vision website in relation to the current amp and splitter but perhaps it's time to have a word with a professional:)
been reading your posts , and you could do it yourself , but you would have buy the gear from cai approved smatv,irs installer with a trade couter, willing to sell to you , the Vision V5-204 Splitter, would have to be changed for 5 separate 3 way splitters with a freq range 0 to 2400mhz , then the wiring put back to match what you had before , leaving you with 5 spare outputs (1 from each splitter ) to feed via a 5input 4output multiswitch (no mains required ) you must match the inputs the same as when they leave the Vision V5-100 Amplifier ,you must make sure that you earth the new multiswitch to the existing switches ,(they should be earthed ) if not i would not touch it, leaving you to find out which is your drop cable to your flat( connect one at a time) if they are not labeled up, then check if you have a signal ,at each time you connect one up to the multiswitch, the bits should cost you no more than £100 pounds, i would get the professionals in , but if you want to give it ago , on your head be it ,as you risk dissrupting other peoples tv and sat in your block ,if you get it wrong, hope this helps

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