Question Sky Cinema HD picture quality same or better?


Hello folks,

Recently signed up to Sky HD all package, after finding a good deal. Now after a decade of ignoring $ky due to high prices, I am finding the picture quality is not that good in HD. I watch a lot of movies and find the picture as soft and lack of depth and not to mention lack of choice.

In the past, I used to watch Blu-Ray discs exclusively, as I always want to view highest quality possible.

Now, have you guys seen a visible difference between old Sky movies HD last year and this year's Sky Cinema?
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I'd go Blu Ray all the time, Sky HD is only a substitute for getting up, finding the Blu Ray that you want to watch..

As for the question, is Sky Cinema better than the old Sky Movies name, I'd say, just slightly, but, as plenty on here would all agree, Blu Ray is far better in bother picture and sound, plus you have more sound options
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No problem with subtitles here from my quick test just now. Did you save the change?

Blu-ray quality is definitely better, but I have no complaints about Sky Cinema quality. I do have an extra helping of sharpness applied to compensate for the compression though.
It might be worth you experimenting between downloaded movies and the "live" broadcast. When I checked a few months back the broadcast version was significantly larger than the downloaded one.
Whether that's still the case I'm not sure. I got fed up comparing them.:D

I'm surprised at your lack of choice comment. There are 100s of them on demand.

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