Sky + - changing from Amstrad to old pace


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Hi, looking for some advice. I've got an Amstrad Sky + box and like some others i am having increasing problems with recording. Sounds stutters very badly and the picture is starting to stutter as well.
System set up gives me the lastest software and signal quality is around 75% on both.
Now I have an original Pace Sky + box, which are apparently much better than the Amstrads, is it worth me plugging old Pacebox back in and using that (I am happy to lose my recorded stuff)

If so what do I need to do with the card, read somewhere about having to pair it to new machine




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Very easy...I had the same Amstrad problem, Sky swapped it for a Thomson which gave different problems, bought a Pace 3100 privately and all good since. Just put the old card in the new machine, call sky, select Technical and Sky Plus and they will pair the card and the box there and then. They told me it could take up to 4 hours, but it appeared to take effect pretty much instantly.
I am the oposite had a pace box fried the never used modem replaced with an amstrad box that is silent. Only small issue was original setup. Not correctly done. After a few mins tweaking everything has been fine and is still fine. :smashin:


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Be sure to update the Pace firmware!


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Thanks to Sam and Blacklion, worked a treat:thumbsup:

Did a forced upload to get most recent software and it all going well.

Another bonus is that the hard drive has 2003 Rugby World Cup Final still on it:smashin:

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