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I know you cant use a card in a different box..but wot if you took the box and the card to another location that has sky...could you plug your own box in and recieve all channels..Im going to Parents for xmas and they dont have Movies Or Sport....Even though both accounts are in my name last time I was there I wasnt allowed to use my card Sky said it was impossible


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No problem taking your own digibox and smartcard to another location and plugging it into an existing dish.
As you have found out if your smartcard has premium channels (Movies, Sport etc) then it can not be used in another digibox, if it only had for example the Family package then it could be used in another digibox but the BBC channels would be blocked.

Might not be a good idea to plug it into any phone connection for the duration of the visit, just in case it decides to callback:)
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