Sky+ Card Authorisation problem?

Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by LCDRulz, Dec 15, 2004.

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    Help !!!

    I've had a Sky+ V1 box since launch with no major problems.

    2 weeks ago the Power Supply failed and Sky replaced it with a V2 box.

    The installer rang sky and paired my old card with the new box.

    All apperaed okay until I realised I can't play any scheduled recording from C4, C5 or ITV. I get a message on screen 'Recording interupted - please wait' this stays on screen for the duration of the recording. I can watch and live pause on those channels fine and the PQ is superb.
    If I view the 'info' on any of those scheduled recordings it's all normal.

    I can also manually start and playback a recording on those three channels (ie. not scheduled via the EPG).

    I have no problems whatsoever with any shceduled recordings BBC or Freeview channels (Motors, Extreme Sports, QVC, Travel ...etc).

    Sky have sent the pairing codes three times now with no luck.

    I should say that I'm in a minority group here in that I've never taken a package from Sky, I just pay £10 per month for the Sky+ record facility.

    I'm sure this is purely a card authourisation issue and has something to do with the changes BBC made to the Freeview services last year. The problem is I don't understand how C4, C5&ITV authorisation differs from BBC and I can't find anyone at Sky who seems to know either!

    I suspect that BBC channel are authorised to view scheduled recordings by default but that perhaps C4, C5 and ITV are now only authorised to view recordings when you take a Sky package ??

    Could some kind person take the trouble to explain How C4,C5 and ITV authorisation differs from BBC.

    Thanks in advance

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