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Hello, I am kind of confused with the sky cancellation and payments process,
Well basically I been with sky for 4+ years now, and I rang sky today 27/5 to let them no I wanted to reduce my sky TV package, so I cancelled sports and movies, what I don’t get is why am I getting charged another full payment for next month? And what was the purpose for the advance payment I had to pay when I joined?
Not sure if this helps:
Billing Status
Most Recent Bill (19 May 2009)

Current Balance: £70.74
Payment will be collected by Direct Debit on, or soon after, your payment due date

I also have sky broadband £10 and sky talk free line rental, call charges £4.99 and sky HD £9.75which I haven’t cancelled.
The sky spokesman said something like I should ring up again to cancel on the ‘I think he said’ 17th June as it would be better, as I can carry on watching. Not sure what he meant by that.
Thanks for your help.


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they are charging you for this months worth of viewing. The reason he has advised you to phone back on that date is because it is a couple of days before the start of your next bill, I know it sucks but this is what happens with sky. As for your advance payment that is normaly for the equipment and install.

I had this problem with sky years ago but the advisor just canceled my movies and sports and the start of the month I was paying for ( I think it was 5 days into it) instead of advising me that I had to pay for it anyway as I had had access to the channels for 5 days. So I had to pay even tho I didn`t have the channels for most of the month.


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It's because they have already produced the bill for the following month. Your bill after that will take into account you overpayment and be reduced accordingly.


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Hi, thanks for your replies and explanations. When I spoke to them yesterday they never mentioned anything about refunding me or reducing my bills, the advance payment from what I remember I also had removed sky sports/movies last year and they also took a advance payment or was it an extra fee for when I rejoined, I’m probably wrong here but I thought advance payments was just to protect sky from having people cancelling next months payment or stopping direct debits.
Again thanks for your replies.

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