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Hello to one and all.
Can anyone give me a bit of information please?
Woke up this morning to find out some bright spark had decided to snap my SKY Cable running from my dish, into my property.
At least, that's what it looks like.
As it may be an act of vandalism and not done accidentally, Sky want to charge me £65 to replace it.
The cabling, that is.
Can you believe it?
May end up doing it myself but wanted to confirm the exact type of cabling I need to use.
Is there different types of coaxial to choose from?
If so, what is the best?
Can you put a smile back on my face? :(
Please help.


Sorry to hear about your problem. Have they actually cut the cable or simply pulled it from the LNB. If you want to replace the cable then use somthing like H109 or WF100 - or you could consider rejoining the cable with a couple of F-connectors and an F barrel but as it'll be outdoors remember to weatherproof this with some self-amalgamating tape.


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thanks for the reply.
The wire has just been cut through.
Looking at it, it looks more as if it has been pulled, stetched untill it snapped.
Not sure if that's better than having it pulled from the LNB.
I will check that link and hopefully all will be well.
Soon I hope,
The other half is moaning about missing "Most Haunted" already.

Cheers. :thumbsup:


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Better to replace the whole cable back to the dish than use the f barrel connector as it is sure to play up in the future!

Just buy CT100 or equivelent cable such as H109F, as long as you don't use cheaper aluminium screened cable you should be ok. You can buy it from most satellite suppliers or on that well known auction site! You can also buy an LNB weather boot also available on that well known auction site to seal the connection at the dish.
Cheers, Franc


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:hiya: :clap: :D

Just to say, thanks guys for the information.
As of this afternoon, I have an incredible amount of boring channels back instead of the 5 I had.
Sky back on line.
Thanks again for you help.


:) :smashin:

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