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Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by Les E, Mar 1, 2005.

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    Due to the building of new house extension I need to re-route the Sky cable from the back to front via the side of the house. It will have to go thru the facia at the back of the house, thru the loft and back down the front of the house and into the living room (a job I have been putting off!)

    Once the extension is finished I will need to go into the cinema room, kitchen and bedroom.

    I will probably have a sky box in the living room and Sky+ in the cinema room and to route to the kitchen and the bedroom.

    Would it be worth installing a splitter on one of the boxes coaxial cable outlet or would it be more practical to to have one output from each box to each remote TV...I am thinking of less cabling but if the quality suffers...?

    Also I saw in a local electrical shop a plastic tubular cable cutter for aerials. It takes away the outer sheath and inner core and exposes the inner wire.
    Has anyone seen one of these simple but effective cutters and if so where I could get my hands on one (the electrical shop had sold out!). :eek:

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