Sky + Bugs - Should I Get My Box Replaced?



Ok basically had sky+ a while now, it was a recon box.

sometimes if i select play from my sky+ planner it just crashes.

And other times it just randomly crashes.

it doesnt do it that often so it isnt too bad but its just annoying having to pull the plug in and out of the mains.

Should i phone up sky and get a new box?

Do all ky + boxes have small bugs like this?

thanks for all advice


Got my sky+ last week brand new pace v2 and it did the same on mine mate.


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My V2 is buggy, I have lost 1 or two recordings (no idea why) It has turned itself off on occasion (Although, did I do it with my multi remote by accident ??? I was using it at the time!) I would say in total these incidents number less than 4 in 5 months for over 12 hrs use a day. ( compared with strange, similar TV anomalies maybe 2 in the same period) Due to the infrequency I'm never sure is it the box or some 'operator type error'. If your convinced it's the box, I'd be onto Sky.
Although I've had good service, one can get 'short shrift'. You're probably paying at least £35 pm to them, so make your mind up what service you'll accept (exchange box, an engineers visit, whatever!) but accept no less. My first box developed an intermittant fault on the link. I told the operator I didn't want to be left with a working box when the engineer left, for it to happen again when he left. I told the engineer the same on arrival, then I made him a brew. He had seen the fault & exchanged the box whilst I brewed up!


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I've got a v1 box and it does lock up occasionally and has to be rebooted but I've never lost a recording because of it.


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