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Sky Broadband wireless with Mac?


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If that is the correct airport card for your Mac then this is all you will need. I use a G4 ibook with the same card connected to Sky broadband and it works a treat!



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Another option (cheaper too!) would be to use one of the various usb wireless adaptors. I have an old g3 iBook and a D-Link DWL-G122 usb adaptor which works like a charm. The only real downside is that you have to deal with an adaptor sticking out of the usb port, but it'll probably save you a good few quid. When I was looking for an airport card for the iBook they were going for £80 odd.

I got a free wireless router and the usb adaptor from my isp (madasafish) when I renewed my contract and have been really happy with it.



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The original airport base stations (silver flying saucer) have an Apple 802.11b card inside; they can be much cheaper than the card alone. Some third party cards can also work.

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